Hillary enters the race

HILLARY CLINTON'S putative campaign for president was made official on April 12th. The announcement came in an e-mail from John Podesta, her campaign chairman, who told donors and supporters that she would soon head to Iowa for a meet-and-greet with voters. A video was also released on a new campaign website, Hillary for America, featuring lots of "everyday Americans" who "need a champion". 

Via - Economist

A Tree Covered Apartment Building Protects Residents from Pollution (and Looks Like Paradise)

Covered with 150 individual trees, the 25 Verde apartment building in Turin, Italy, looks like a playground for the nature lover. Designed by Luciano Pia, the 5-story, 63 unit building was constructed with large pots on its outside walls, while wooden shingles and tree-like steel beams complete the arboreal aesthetic. It’s not just for good looks though.

Via - Visualnews