US Regional Accents: Where do you fit in?

If you live in the United States, you're likely aware that there are a handful of regional accents across that great country of yours, many of which are immediately recognizable before even three words are strung together.

We've found a map that details the boundaries of each of the major regional American dialects.

Where do you fit in?

2 responses
Obviously this map was made by some one who is uninformed about accents. The swathes labeled "Mountain Southern" and "Coastal Southern" contain hundreds of of different accents. These accents can vary within 60 miles of each other. I have lived throughout the US (including Alaska) and have paid close attention to accents throughout my travels. Everyone who comes from the north (above the Mason-Dixon Line) have a distinct accent, although throughout New England, there are many different accents. Out west, there is a very distinct accent within California. Mostly this map is way too general and should be depicted in greater detail with more detailed definitions of accents. And to all you Canadians, we people of the US are NOT all Yankees.
New Yorkers also lose their "t's"...for example, "CATTLE" becomes, CA EL
CA like cat, followed by a soft L sound. In the word " PROPERTY" it becomes, " PROPERDY" .