Care to Try a Pantone Smoothie?

Hedvig Kushner is in the midst of a “delicious color experiment.” The Swedish art director and frequent ‘maker of smoothies’ noticed one day that mixing up a tasty drink was a lot like mixing paint. Just add a kiwi for some light green or a handful of raspberries for a pink hue. Could exact colors be created from carefully proportioned fruit, nuts and veggies?

She wondered, “is it possible to create tasty smoothies in any Pantone color?”

That’s the question Kushner is now exploring on her charming site Pantone Smoothies. For each drink she grabs a piece of colored paper from the art store, then matches a Pantone swatch to it. Then she goes to work finding the perfect combination of ingredients to create that color and a delicious drink. After hitting just the right hue, her partner Michael Kushner photographs a spread of the ingredients and the final drink in a glass (which perfectly matches the background paper). Probably the best part: she also created a Pantone swatch smoothie glass.

Via - Visualnews