This Music Video Recreates 28 Famous Album Covers. Can You Name Them All?

Canadian singer Kalle Mattson is paying tribute to 28 of his favorite album covers in a fantastic way. The newly released music video for his song “Avalanche” sees each iconic cover remade using himself, a whole lot of props, and black borders to frame the scene. Mattson runs through the fast paced montage, changing into the required gear and quickly channeling the spirit of each iconic musician. The action lasts about 4 minutes and ranges widely in musical taste, from The Ramones and Paul Simon, to Jay-Z, and well… The Backstreet Boys.

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10 Tips to Run a Kickass Brainstorm

A good brainstorm is a magical thing: everyone brings something, ideas flow, and you land on that one great idea. But a bad brainstorm is a nightmare: no ideas, arguments, and an hour down the drain with no meeting to show for it. No wonder they get a bad wrap. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 10 tips to run a kickass brainstorm. We hope you enjoy basking in the glory of all your brilliant ideas.

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Google Translate’s “Word Lens” Now Supports 27 Languages

It was almost magic news last January when Google integrated the “Word Lens” feature into their Google Translate app. Just place something written in one of seven different languages in front of your camera and the app would change the writing into your native language. Now, the app has been updated to support 20 more languages, making it possible to translate a total of 27 languages in real-time before your eyes. Incredible.

Using word lens is super simple. In the Translate app click on the camera icon. Then align the text in question with the camera. Word Lens does the rest.

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This Artist Rented Two Digital Billboards, Then Made Them Look Like They Weren’t There

Over the past month two digital billboards along Massachusetts’ interstate freeways have been blending into their surroundings. During the day, the large electronic screens show images of the lush woodland forest that surrounds them. By night, they light up with high definition images of the moon and magnificent starscapes. If it wasn’t for the recognizable rectangular billboard frame, you could almost miss them.

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Reinventing a Classic: Converse Just Unveiled Its First All-Star Redesign Since the 1930s

When it comes to shoe fashion, it doesn’t get more iconic than the Chuck Taylor All Star. Now, for the first time since the 1930s, Converse has redesigned its ubiquitous canvas basketball shoe, bringing it a touch of today’s footwear technology while hoping to continue its celebrated place in popular arts and music culture. The new shoe, available in high top or low top, is called the Chuck Taylor All Star II.

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The Rape Statistics You Need to Know

A part of a population with a particular attribute, expressed as a fraction, decimal or percentage of the whole popuIn the wake of the Bill Cosby scandal, New York Magazine has created what may now be considered one of the most powerful magazine covers of all time. As noted in the article, the stories of rape have stirred serious discussion, thanks in large part to social media.ation.

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Elias Poland Drew Everything He Bought for a Year

Elias Poland spent his 22nd year recording life in a journal, but unlike most people, he didn’t stick to written accounts of the day, love interests or introspection on the meaning of life (although there’s some of that). Feeling he hadn’t been drawing enough, Elias hit on an idea that would encourage creative output: he’d draw a picture of everything he bought for the whole year.

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#BrandCrush: Nutella Nails Their Social Presence

Nutella needs no introduction. We all love it, whether it’s good for us or not. You’d think a brand with so much appeal wouldn’t need to do much to keep our love, but like all things Nutella, they’re not good with sharing a little taste. They want to give us the whole jar. On social, that’s just what they’re doing. From Instagram, to Twitter, to Facebook, Nutella takes every chance they can to spread the joy of their product. With over 29 million social fans, they must be doing something right. Here’s why we love them. 

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