State of the Internet in Europe

Above go on the the charts, here are some observations about the Internet in Europe:
  • There are 475 million Internet users in Europe (worldwide total is 1.97 billion).
  • Europe has 24.2% of the world’s Internet users.
  • Europe as a whole has almost twice as many Internet users as the United States.
  • The country with the most Internet users in Europe is Germany, with 65 million.
  • The country with the fewest number of Internet users in Europe is the Vatican City State, with a whopping 93 Internet users (and a total population of 829).
  • Ten European countries have more than 10 million Internet users.
  • The average Internet penetration across Europe is 58.4%.
  • The country with the highest Internet penetration in Europe is Iceland, with 97.6%, followed by Norway (94.8%), and Sweden (92.5%). Those are the only three European countries with more than 90% Internet penetration. (For comparison, the United States has an Internet penetration of 77.3%.)
By Internet penetration, we mean the share of the population with Internet access.


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