How Google dominates the Web

Google began strictly as a search company, and it’s still their bread and butter. However, as the company has grown, it’s spread its tentacles like a giant octopus out to most parts of the Web. A benevolent giant octopus, providing lots of highly useful services, but a giant nonetheless. Try surfing the Web without touching a single Google service. It’s impossible.

How Google dominates the Web?


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The Billion Dollar SEO Company

Demand Media’s IPO has received a lot of attention lately. It can be difficult to make sense of all the numbers people have been throwing around, so wired broke down Demand Media’s business model in detail and their S-1 filing fills in many of the gaps. 10,000 Free lance writers, 5700 content pieces per day, Half a billion page views per month and lot more.


Where next for IPOs?

There are a few reasons why a company may issue an initial public offering (IPO), but primarily a company will do it to provide itself with capital expansion without incurring debt. An IPO enables a company to gain access to a pool of stock market investors through listing its shares on the public stock, thus increasing its chances of raising revenue to drive future growth.