The World’s First High Tech, All-In-One, Smart Dog Collar

Fifty-two percent of dogs are overweight in the US and only seven percent of owners are actually aware their dog is unhealthy. Dogtelligent seeks to change that statistic for the better with the Connected Collar. With virtual fence and leash technology that gently tugs, activity trackers, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, ambient temperature sensors, and an ultrasonic micro-speaker to correct barking, this all-in-one collar is everything a dog owner could ever need to keep his pet healthy and well managed. 

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A Look at the Most Popular Dog Breeds and Health & Information for Each Breed

Looking for stats on dog breeds of the most popular dogs? Wonder if different dog breeds have more health issues? Well this dog breed report card breaks down everything you need to know about the 15 most popular dog breeds in the US! Simply click the above image and our Dog Report Card will open, showing the history of each dog breed and what owners should know about each.

Cats vs. Dogs

Their war is endless, don't let the videos and pics you see of dogs and cats cleaning each other or cuddling together fool you. Theirs is a battle that shall be waged for all eternity. So while we wait for the inevitable Dogpocalypse and Catmageddon, let's better understand the creatures we call our lovable pets.