e-Atlas of Global Development

The World Bank today launched the e-Atlas of Global Development, a free, online, interactive tool, which maps and graphs more than 175 indicators from the World Bank’s development database.

Development of the e-Atlas of Global Development allows users to easily and quickly map and chart economic and social indicators and compare country outcomes. Users can export customized, professional quality, full color maps and graphs. Other features include scalable maps, timeline graphing, ranking tables, and import and export functions for sharing data and graphics. Critical issues such as poverty, food production, population growth, climate change, international trade, and foreign direct investment are covered.

You can see live e-atlas at http://www.data.worldbank.org/atlas-global

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Mapping the Nations Well-Being


For the last three years, Gallup has called 1,000 randomly selected American adults each day and asked them about indicators of their quality of life. Responses are converted to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Here are the 2010 results, sorted by Congressional districts.

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Our Planet in Ecological Debt

This above map compares each country's total consumption Footprint with the biocapacity available within its own borders. It is created by ChartsBin.com for The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) visualizing the value of nature challenge.

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