Piemonte: Worldwide Visits 2008

This infographic shows the amount of visits to the italian region of Piemonte and their provenance.

The flow has been divided in three main categories: EU - European states; EX - Extra-European states; ITA - Italian regions.
Each category has been respectively divided in the following groups:
  • EU: Northern, Southern, Eastern, Central Europe, other european states;
  • EX: North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, other countries;
  • ITA: all regions are shown.
The aim of this visualization is to quickly highlight the number and the provenance of each flow of visits towards each specific Piemonte province, and most of all to put these data in proportion, also summing up the top countries. Each flow has been visualized through the metaphore of barcodes, for obtaining a "chromatic worldwide barcode" identifying a sort of "Piemonte DNA".

via www.blog.visup.it

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