Nuclear Reactors

Voice of America has complied a database of every public record on nuclear facilities from the International Atomic Energy Agency and created a Google Map of the results.

When you zoom in on the map, details of the nuclear facilities are shown in the map sidebar. Voice of America also use the Google Chart API to display histograms of plants built or shut down in any given year, year-by-year power output records from every single facility worldwide and maps showing the power output and number of plants in each country.

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Data and Information Visualization are both a communication tool and device to relate phenomen and explore them. A phenomenon, especially if complex, it may be faced through the development of visual forms, just as the night sky has been simplified thanks to the invention of constellations.

DensityDesign is a research lab in the design department (INDACO) of the Politecnico di Milano, Italy made 6 infographics in following themes ; Education, Family and Society, Work, Health, Personal Security, and Environment. The aim of the project is to facilitate policy makers and citizens in making more conscious decisions.

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7000 suns: Represents the 7 most powerful nuclear weapons tests

This represents the 7 most powerful nuclear weapons tests by the Superpowers during the Cold War.

At remote locations in the South Pacific at Bikini Atoll and the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the Artic Ocean, the USSR and US of A tested higher and higher megaton yield nukes at the peak of the arms race

The largest, a hydrogen bomb tested by Russia, was known as Tsar Bomba (also rds-220 and big ivan).

At 58 megatons, the equivalent of 58 million cubic tons of TNT, it was 1400 times the explosive force of Hiroshima - against which all the explosions in the above graphic are bench-marked.