You Make My Heart Race: Visualization of A Man’s Heart Rate As He Proposes to His Girlfriend

No matter how long you’ve known and loved your girlfriend and no matter how sure you are that she will say “yes”, popping the question will still make your heart tremble. Redditor jakeinfusino decided to wear a heart rate monitor as he built up the confidence to ask his girlfriend to be his wife. He fed the data through Particular/ Form and used After Effects to create this awesome visualization. Although it took 40 minutes to pop the question and let his heart rest again, this 90 second video shows the highs and lows as he gained the courage to ask that magic question.

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Anders Breivik's manifesto mapped

The man behind the Norway bombings and shootings wrote a link-filled manifesto. To show the vast spread of websites he cites, and how they linked to each other, Guardian News turned to French visualisers Linkfluence.

This map shows those relationships between sites. To appear on it does not make anyone responsible for Breivik's actions. Rather it shows how a conspiracist mind can twist perfectly normal stories into a threatening and dangerous pattern.

For each site on the map, you click the dot to go there directly - and it then illuminates all links to other sites. The sites have been divided by category - click on the icon with three circles in the right-hand corner to see the sites grouped. Yellow links show who the site has linked to; red links show who has linked to it

(click here for interactive version)

"Create your own interactive map - Get started now -" Data Visualisation Competition – The Winners

6 weeks ago, teamed up with information designer, David McCandless launched a data visualisation competition with David McCandless.  The competition was based on some data that David had collected about the ethnicity of student attending elite universities in the UK. The winners has been announced.

To see all entries Click here

Here is the 1st Place Winner: Visualization made by Raphael Halloran.
Live interactive demo: live

Live interactive demo: live

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"Create your own interactive map - Get started now -"