Rising Food Prices - Nearly One Billion Go to Bed Hungry

Put Food First - Every day nearly 1 billion people go to bed hungry. Rising and volatile food prices are causing pain and suffering for poor people around the world, driving 44 million people into extreme poverty in recent months. We need to find solutions to ensure everyone has enough nutritious food now and in the years to come. This video made by WorldBank.

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The Millennium Development Goals: Progress so far

Millennium development goal one is to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty. This grid overlays the percentage of the population who are malnourished with the size of the country's GDP per capita in 1990. To see how this has changed click ‘latest’ option below. Hover over a country to bring up information on additional goals such as maternal mortality and access to clean water.

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Obesity and Hunger: Partners?

The infographic looks at the rates of obesity, food insecurity (aka hunger), poverty and Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) participation. States with high levels of food insecurity also have high levels of obesity. In addition 14 states that have higher than national average for hunger also have higher than the national average for obesity. High levels of SNAP participation does not seem to prevent high levels of obesity and hunger.

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