The Patent Lawsuit Economy

Patent trolls have become a huge problem clogging up the legal system with frivolous lawsuits and forcing good companies to defend their innovations. On the flip side, large companies often bully past smaller companies with legitimate patents because they can. Is there a middle ground that protects the little guy while making sure the big guys aren't taken for an unnecessary ride?


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Could Legalizing Marijuana Solve California's Deficit?


With a bill to legalize marijuana on the November California ballot, the controversy over the prohibition has reached a new high. Supporters see the potential tax revenues as a solution to the state’s mounting budget crisis, while those against argue that the increased use of marijuana will bring with it additional health care costs that far outweigh any economic benefits. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate day than today, 4/20 to take a look at the economic implications of a repeal of the prohibition. Is this a viable plan to get the state out of the weeds or just some kind of reefer madness?