The World, Justified

Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain are a pair of young Brazilian artists, working in their home country and in France. Some of their work explores fonts and maps. Typography meets cartography in this little work, entitled ‘The World, Justified’.

It shows the world we live in as only one of four possibilities, the others being a left-aligned, centred and right-aligned world. Our world is a justified one, i.e. aligned with both left and right margins.


Cart: Computer software for making cartograms

Cart is a computer software  for creating density-equalizing maps or "cartograms" using the technique described in the recent paper Diffusion-based method for producing density equalizing maps.

Cart is an open source program. If you wish to run the complete program "cart" to make cartograms from your own data, you can compile the source code as provided. For this you'll need a C compiler, such as Visual C++ or GCC.

To download the software, click here.

For documentation on how to use the software, click here.


Examples of cartograms created using this software