The Living Principles

Every day, our world gets a little bit smaller and a lot more complex. So much so that even minor decisions can have major consequences. And not just for trees or frogs or polar bears, but for human lives. And livelihoods.

We can do a lot. But first, we need to understand what and who is at stake. The Living Principles distill the collective wisdom found in decades of sustainability theories and bring them to life in an integrated framework that helps us think our way through the issues so we can start designing a brighter future.


Who Are the Millennials?


There’s been a lot of talk about who millennials are and how different they are from ‘Gen-Xers’ and the ‘Baby Boomers’, but a lot of this commentary has to do with attitudes and priorities. Pew has recently done a study on millenials and how they access media and technology, which proved the basis for the graphic below. It is primarily concerned with how media and technology play a major role in shaping who millennials are, and how they interact with one another. It also addresses who millenials are, what’s important to them, how they value marriage and education, and other interesting facts and figures.