How Do Couples Divide Their Money?

Few topics ignite as much curiosity and passionate discourse as that of handling money in a relationship.

Should couples merge all their finances, or should they take a “mine, yours and ours” approach? How large of a purchase can you make without discussing it with your partner in advance? Should you merge credit cards? To get a better idea of how couples throughout the country perceive their financial lives and how they manage their joint money, see infographic.


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Booze, Sex and Relationships

Our parents tell us all the time: “drinking leads to bad decisions,” but we all know that is the understatement of the century because the right amount of booze can really lead to a total disaster that will overhaul your entire life.  Mixing drinks into your social scene is as common of a college ritual as buying used textbooks and microwaving Easy Mac in your dorm, however the consequences of abusing alcohol when you’re out on the scene can be dire.  Take a look at the infographic