Visualizes Google Search Queries from Around the World

Google launched a data visualization tool that presents search queries from all around the world called Search Globe, a new visual display representing one day of Google searches around the world—visualizing the curiosity of people around the globe.

This visualization was developed and designed by the Google Data Arts Team using WebGL, a new technology for modern browsers that uses your computer’s hardware to generate fast, 3D graphics. As a result, you need a WebGL-enabled browser.

Live demo:
Search Globe
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Google Ngram Viewer Gauges Word Popularity Over Centuries

Google launched Ngram Viewer, an experiment to let lay users and researchers search and study the waxing and waning of phrase instances over 5.2 million books published between 1500 and 2008 that Google has indexed in its cloud computing system. There's a whole community of Ngram collection going on over at

(Click above link to check your favourite word popularity)

Yahoo! Clues

Yahoo! Clues lets you explore how people are using Yahoo! Search. When you enter a word or phrase in the "Search Term" field and click Discover, you’ll see information about that search term’s popularity over time, across demographic groups, and in different locations.

You can also enter a second search term in the "Compare With" field. This will show you information on both search terms, side by side.

This tool is similar to Google Insights  for Search

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DIY Guide to Successful Linkbait Infographic

As most of you already know, links are the currency of the search engines. The more high quality, relevant links you can point at your site, the better your site will rank. The following infographic takes you step by step through the process for creating linkbait, with some helpful tips on how you can create a piece of content that spreads virally online and meets your linkbuilding goals.


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Search Engine History

Nowadays we take the existence of search engines, especially Google (and Bing) as normal and for many among us a life without Google would be hard to imagine. But how did it come this far and how did search engines evolve over the last two decades? We looked at the history of the crawlers and if you thought there was only Google, Yahoo and Bing this infographic will show you how wrong you are. For the internet nerds among us, let this infographic take you on a trip down memory lane.


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Google Champion of Mobile Search

Google has been dominating the search engine market for years, but at least there are some competitors that have a few percent each.

But if you look at mobile search, i.e. search on mobile devices, which is more or less the smartphone market, Google is utterly crushing the competition to a level that it’s never managed in the regular search market.

Just look at this very telling chart, showing Google’s overall search and mobile search market shares in relation to those of Yahoo and Bing, its two closest rivals. (These are global stats.)