Different Sorting Algorithm Demonstrated with Hungarian Folk Dance

Different sorting algorithm demonstrated with Hungarian folk dance.




Created at Sapientia University, Tirgu Mures, Romania.
Directed by Kátai Zoltán and Tóth László
In collaboration with "Maros művészegyüttes", Tirgu Mures, Romania.
Choreographer: Füzesi Albert
Video: Lőrinc Lajos, Körmöcki Zoltán
Supported by "Szülőföld Alap" and evoline company.

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What different sorting algorithms sound like?

This particular audibilization is just one of many ways to generate sound from running sorting algorithms. Here on every comparison of two numbers (elements) It play (mixing) sin waves with frequencies modulated by values of these numbers. There are quite a few parameters that may drastically change resulting sound - I (Rudy Andrut) just chose parameteres that imo felt best.

via flowingdata.com