In Graphics: What Are Dividends?

To make studying the fundamentals of investing fun, this infographic explaining basic concepts Dividends.

Dividends aren’t that difficult to understand: they’re a part of the earnings of a company that is paid out to shareholders. Shareholders love them because, unlike a stock’s price, dividends provide a more stable income stream. But as with anything in the investing word, they’re neither 100% guaranteed, nor that simple.


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The New Opportunity For Sharing

Technology is connecting individuals to information, other people, and physical things in ever-more efficient and intelligent ways. It’s changing how we consume, socialize, mobilize— ultimately, how
we live and function together as a society. In a global economy where the means of production are becoming increasingly decentralized, where access is more practical than ownership, what do the
successful businesses of the future need to know?
  • What’s changed about our psychology of sharing?
  • Is money the only, or even the most valuable, currency anymore?
  • How can Web, mobile and real-time technologies continue to fuel sharing?
  • What are the opportunity spaces for business owners & future sharing entrepreneurs?
This page was excerpted from the full report of The New Sharing Economy study (a collaboration between Latitude and Shareable Magazine).


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