The Choice: Food & Poverty

It's a scenario familiar to all: it's evening after a long day of work, or maybe you have a few minutes before going to the gym, or it's Sunday morning and you need a few last -minute ingredients for barbecue. A trip tot the grocery store cannot be avoided. You are quite familiar with the large supermarket chain, in fact there is one year son's school. Their product are surely cheaper and better than those from the small shop on the opposite corner...right? As a consumer have you ever tried to understand the differences between the vegetables you might find in the street market versus the mega stores? Is there a difference in quality? And what are you really paying for? And what about solution... is there a way to buy only what you need?

This map hopes to provide the answers to some of these questions by creating a visual critical comparison between that various ways we shop. We will show what is hidden beneath the surface when you seek to buy vegetables for you and your family and ask the a good choice even possible?


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