A Timeline of Underground Queer Cinema

The history of cinema is filled with life stories, but few that depict the LGBT community. In its century long existence, main stream cinema has typically shied away from the subject, deeming it too controversial or unpopular – but there were films being made. Fandor pulled together 50 films, both underground and mainstream, which paved the way for greater expression in queer cinema.

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This Chicago Cannabis Advocacy Website Lets Visualizations Do the Talking

Despite Chicago decriminalizing marijuana possession in 2012, the state of Illinois has earned a reputation as the least friendly state in the nation for marijuana users. What does that look like? Rather than citing citizens as they are allowed, Chicago PD is arresting people for small amounts of marijuana at alarming rates. Arrest Chicago, a cannabis advocacy site, lets the numbers do the talking.

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Your Summer in 5 Charts

Summer is here. But it’s a little different when you’re an adult. You’re making travel plans, organizing your schedule, tackling major projects, and trying to find time to relax somewhere in between. Still, we all try to make the most of the good weather and relaxed vibe—even when things go awry. To sum it up, here are 5 charts that we think encapsulate the summer experience as an adult.

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What news from Athens?

TODAY we introduce the first of our "Daily dispatches", an assemblage of short-term indicators, updated every 24 hours for a given subject: in this case, the interminable Greek crisis.

To help you keep tabs on Greece's financial health as bail-out negotiations continue, we have chosen three charts that offer snapshot assessments of Greece's status, along with a measure of current popular sentiment for the crisis as a whole. Our dashboard includes stock prices, bond yields and the yield spread for peripheral government bonds over those sold by Germany. We've also added in a count of tweets, globally, concerned with "Grexit". Each morning the charts will be waiting, refreshed, with end-day closing figures from the working day before.

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Thirteen's a crowd

ON JUNE 24th the two-term governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, entered the race for president becoming the 13th candidate for the Republican Party and the first Indian-American to make a serious bid for the White House. Although this comes 503 days before the general election he is a latecomer to throwing his hat into an already crowded Republican ring (Scott Walker and Chris Christie are likely to enter soon).

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The pain after the shock

TUNISIA is still reeling from the shock of a terrorist attack at a beach resort on June 26th, which left dozens of holidaymakers dead. Over the weekend mourners gathered on the shore to pray, hotels beefed up security and thousands flew home. But terrorists aim to do more than just slaughter innocent civilians. 

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One Size Does NOT Fit All: How Tom Burrell Changed the World of Advertising

Before Tom Burrell, the advertising world was a very different place. But in the age of Mad Men, he was something different, too: an African-American man in advertising.Burrell started working in 1961 in the mail room at Wade Advertising in Chicago (a decision so controversial it saw the chairman fly up from his home in Florida).

Soon Burrell’s obvious talents were being used to write copy for the generic campaigns of the day. At the time the idea was simple: target everyone. But “everyone” in the early ’60s meant a “suburban white family.” That was soon to change.

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TBT: Beautiful Victorian Data Visualizations

We love it when we come across great visual content from back in the day—it’s inspiring to see creativity evolve over centuries. While it may seem like infographics and data visualization are new trends triggered by the advent of technology, information design has been around for millennia. Take a look these great Victorian-era visualizations, compiled by BibliOdyssey, created between 1830 and 1890. 

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Tiger, tiger, almost bright

COMPRISING more than 13,500 islands sprawled across almost 2m square kilometres, home to 250m people speaking over 700 languages and practicing virtually every religion on earth, Indonesia’s only real rival for the title of “most diverse country on earth” is India. The World Bank considers Indonesia a “lower-middle-income economy”, but economically as in everything else, this masks huge differences. 

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