Inception Tree

The various dream levels (as Sean Mort, graphic designer from UK understand it) in Inception. He was trying to simplify it for myself.

Update: He saw the film for a third time last week and his idea of what happened has completely changed. He believe this to be correct. Any comments would be appreciated.


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The "Dream Level 4" here was actually supposed to be Limbo - those should be the same level. Although the continuity didn't seem 100% clear on that front. We know that Fischer definitely dropped into Limbo when he died and that's where they found him (and Cobb says when he's there that he has to go find Saito there), it's just not clear how Ariadne and Cobb deliberately going into a dream got them to Limbo and not to a level 4.
why is cobb's limbo line coming from dream level 1 as opposed to dream level 4? that implies that he 'died' in dream level 1, which is when he's in the van. i feel like he went to limbo before 'drowning' in the van.