Flying Under The Radar: Low Cost Airlines' Hidden Costs

Many travelers choose low-cost budget airlines with the hopes of saving at least some of their hard-earned dollars. Often, however, they land on an unpleasant surprise: fees and more fees, from charges for checked. In all, once you add up the extra costs of budget airfare, you may be surprised at the scarcity of your actual savings.

In this infographic, we give you a side-by-side comparison of the most common fees charged by U.S. low-cost airlines and their European counterparts.


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The Surprising State of the Airline Industry

As a result of the ongoing disaster of the BP Gulf oil spill, many people are taking a harder look at transportation. Cars aren't the only things that use petroleum products, of course. About four gallons of jet fuel are processed from each barrel of oil. The good news is, a number of airlines are experimenting with biofuels and boosting airplane efficiency. To help get a sense of the scope of the airline industry, check out this new infographic.