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Most people's two biggest regrets are not spending enough time with family and friends and not taking more time to travel. Epipheo studios created this video: To show you how Inspirato aims to help you shift your life narrative, making it one in which you spend more time on vacation with the people you care about most.

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Flying Under The Radar: Low Cost Airlines' Hidden Costs

Many travelers choose low-cost budget airlines with the hopes of saving at least some of their hard-earned dollars. Often, however, they land on an unpleasant surprise: fees and more fees, from charges for checked. In all, once you add up the extra costs of budget airfare, you may be surprised at the scarcity of your actual savings.

In this infographic, we give you a side-by-side comparison of the most common fees charged by U.S. low-cost airlines and their European counterparts.


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Piemonte: Worldwide Visits 2008

This infographic shows the amount of visits to the italian region of Piemonte and their provenance.

The flow has been divided in three main categories: EU - European states; EX - Extra-European states; ITA - Italian regions.
Each category has been respectively divided in the following groups:
  • EU: Northern, Southern, Eastern, Central Europe, other european states;
  • EX: North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, other countries;
  • ITA: all regions are shown.
The aim of this visualization is to quickly highlight the number and the provenance of each flow of visits towards each specific Piemonte province, and most of all to put these data in proportion, also summing up the top countries. Each flow has been visualized through the metaphore of barcodes, for obtaining a "chromatic worldwide barcode" identifying a sort of "Piemonte DNA".


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The story of Ovi: Maps

If you have a latest Nokia mobile phone there is hardly chance that you might have missed the Ovi Maps service, which gives you turn by turn navigation assistance at free of any cost. If you wanted to know more about the OVI Maps and how they are doing, check out this map.


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Visa restrictions: Who has most freedom to travel?

The ability to visit a foreign country without the cost and hassle of obtaining a visa is a welcome bonus for any traveller. It is also a barometer of a country's international alliances and relations. A report released on August 25th by Henley & Partners, a consultancy, shows that Britons have the fewest visa restrictions of the 190-odd countries (and territories) for which data are available.


The Conquest: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

In the desire to take something of fantasy and eluded it to be factual, Delane Meadows, a graphic designer from Florida, mapped out the travels of characters from the 7th installment of the Harry Potter books. She plotted out a time line that coincides with a map, along with key elements pointed out along the conquest.


If you like what you see, you can find more work of Delane Meadows on the

The Surprising State of the Airline Industry

As a result of the ongoing disaster of the BP Gulf oil spill, many people are taking a harder look at transportation. Cars aren't the only things that use petroleum products, of course. About four gallons of jet fuel are processed from each barrel of oil. The good news is, a number of airlines are experimenting with biofuels and boosting airplane efficiency. To help get a sense of the scope of the airline industry, check out this new infographic.