Mapping a Day in the Life of Twitter


Last week Chris McDowall informatics researcher from New Zealand hooked a computer up to the Twitter data firehose and, over the course of a day and a bit, grabbed every tweet that had geographic coordinates. I wrote a Python script to parse the 2GB of JSON files and used Matplotlib with the Basemap extension to animate 25 hours of data on a world map. The resulting animation plots over 530,000 tweets — and remember these are just tweets with geo-coordinates.

He recommend you full-screen this video, turn scaling off and high definition on.

via Chris McDowall

Life is Found in Deepest Layer of Earth's Crust

It's crawling with life down there. A remote expedition to the deepest layer of the Earth's oceanic crust has revealed a new ecosystem living over a kilometre beneath our feet. It is the first time that life has been found in the crust's deepest layer, and an analysis of the new biosphere suggests life could exist lower still.


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The Gift of Generosity

This is a kinetic typography about 'The Gift of Generosity' made by epipheostudios.

Life is a gift, a blessing. And yet we get so caught up in the day to day that we forget to pass that blessing along. Our challenge: To use text in a dynamic way to reawaken in us a thankfulness for life and a desire to pass our blessings along. Letting the story of our blessing become the story of someone else's blessing.

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Digital Life

Utilising cutting edge techniques and taking advantage of market-leading expertise, Digital Life offers both a lens on the digital world and the frameworks required to make actionable business decisions within it. It can be used to drive global strategies or inform local tactics.

The interactive data dashboard allows users to compare pairs of countries with each other, in attributes such as Internet penetration, digital lifestyles and daily activities, etc.

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