Global Mood Clocks

Discover the world’s first Global Mood Clocks, that in addition to telling time, reflect the “mood” of a city by showing the dominant colour from the latest location-tagged photo uploads to Flickr and the top Google search and Twitter trending keywords, all in real time. The app, created by Grey Canada, is a virtual update to the classic office “wall of clocks” decor that displays local time for multiple global cities. The Mac & PC Adobe AIR version makes for a sharp looking office desktop background, while keeping users up to speed on what's happening in a diverse selection of cities around the world. Global Mood Clocks will be released by the Apple app store for iPhone in January 2011.

Here is the launch video:

(click here to see the interactive version)

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How are Meetings a Wast of Time?

Meetings are often a waste of time in the Enterprise. Every employee has sat in countless meetings that drone on – meetings where you’re not really needed, meetings about mundane details of the business, even meetings to plan for future meetings. With an estimated 11 million formal meetings per day in the United States, corporate America has been held hostage by 3 billion meetings per year. This Infographic illustrates it nicely.