Staircase User Analysis

This infographic made by Brian Jeffcock graphic disgner from Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax. The project is to study staircase users and try to improve the experience in an attempt to get more people using the staircases in office buildings. Project is still in its early form, but he liked this infographic so its coming up on its own. check back in a month or so for the rest of the project!.

You can find more of Brian Jeffcock creative work from behance.

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Higher education and wages

Study leave: Plenty of university graduates are working in low-skilled jobs

Young people often worry whether the qualification for which they are studying will stand them in good stead in the workplace. According to the OECD, college and university leavers are better placed in the labour market than their less educated peers, but this advantage is not even in all countries.

Note: Bar represent % of total graduates aged 25-29 working at a low skill level.