Mapping a Day in the Life of Twitter


Last week Chris McDowall informatics researcher from New Zealand hooked a computer up to the Twitter data firehose and, over the course of a day and a bit, grabbed every tweet that had geographic coordinates. I wrote a Python script to parse the 2GB of JSON files and used Matplotlib with the Basemap extension to animate 25 hours of data on a world map. The resulting animation plots over 530,000 tweets — and remember these are just tweets with geo-coordinates.

He recommend you full-screen this video, turn scaling off and high definition on.

via Chris McDowall

10 Ways Data is Changing How We Live

This article from the telegraph in the UK, how the availability of new sets of data has changed the way we live our lives.

Here are 10 (Shopping, Relationships, Business deliveries, Maps, Education, Politics, Society, war, Avertising and Linked data and the future) examples of data which have changed everything from how we assess wars to how companies deliver milk. The examples of data mentioned in this article are innovative, exciting and life changing, but the best is yet to come