The Magic of Big Data: New Way of Visualizing Disease

GE partnered with a team of computer scientists and programmers at MITs SENSEable City Lab to produce Health InfoScapean interactive, customizable data visualization that leverages 7.2 million files from the Medical Quality Improvement Consortium, GEs electronic medical records database, available to customers through GEs EMR software. The data vis aims to create new ways of understanding human health in the United States.

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Truth About Sun, Sunscreen, and Skin Cancer

Where did this summer go? Seriously. Even as we near the dog days of August, some of us still look pasty white -- on purpose. Yeah, we know a tan's a great accessory to a sundress, but cancer? We're not really into that. That's why we're serious about how we protect ourselves.

So check out these tips, spread on the sunblock, and enjoy that margarita guilt-free.