Antarctica, the Timeless Continent

Of the unusual phenomena that occur at the polar extremes of the Earth, time is a particularly peculiar one. Yes, the sky at the South Pole splits the year between whole days of light and dark. But how do humans who venture there—to a place where the world’s 24 time zones converge—and to the rest of Antarctica set their clocks?


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All The Facts About Internet Memes

An infographic presents "all the facts" you ever wanted to know about Internet memes and the sites that host them.

For those who don't know, a "meme" is a cultural idea that "self-replicates and spreads among the people." An online meme can take the form of a video, a catchphrase, a website, a joke, an image, or a parody.

The infographic includes an epic mix of some of the funniest, most popular memes in Internet history. Ever wondered about the origins of the Dancing Baby or the Dancing Hamster? Wonder no more!