Fast Company: Inception Infographic Contest Winner

Rick Slusher, a graphic-designer based in New York, wins with a super elegant summary of the film contest conduct by

Rick's entry shows each character as a coloured line; the layers of dreams are depicted as concentric circles. Characters enter each dream level to the left. When they all start inhabiting one of the character's dreams, that character's color-coded line expands accordingly (to show that everyone is running around in his dream). As characters fall out of each dream sequence, they exit on the right of the chart. The concentric rings depict how time slows down in each layer of dream:


Fast Company: Inception Infographic Contest Runner-up

Last Sunday, ran out an Inception Infographic Contest, wherein they tasked to design an infographic that illustrated the film's complex twists, and its plots within plots.

But the contest ultimately came down to two entries: The winner, which we'll reveal tomorrow (it's worth the wait!) and the runner-up, pictured here and created by Adam Martin:


The Living Principles

Every day, our world gets a little bit smaller and a lot more complex. So much so that even minor decisions can have major consequences. And not just for trees or frogs or polar bears, but for human lives. And livelihoods.

We can do a lot. But first, we need to understand what and who is at stake. The Living Principles distill the collective wisdom found in decades of sustainability theories and bring them to life in an integrated framework that helps us think our way through the issues so we can start designing a brighter future.


In My Dreams

Kailie Parrish, a Graphic Design: kept a log of her dreams for three months, then categorized them by type, mood, cause, etc. through color and lines. She also provided a dream catalog with short, descriptive titles. The image created by the intersecting lines and circular calendar is representational of a dream catcher.