Who Are the Millennials?

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There’s been a lot of talk about who millennials are and how different they are from ‘Gen-Xers’ and the ‘Baby Boomers’, but a lot of this commentary has to do with attitudes and priorities. Pew has recently done a study on millenials and how they access media and technology, which proved the basis for the graphic below. It is primarily concerned with how media and technology play a major role in shaping who millennials are, and how they interact with one another. It also addresses who millenials are, what’s important to them, how they value marriage and education, and other interesting facts and figures.

Fight analphabetism in the sixth poorest country in the world

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These infographics are part of Markus Stallberg final exam. They explain the local conditions in Burkina Faso. The landlocked Burkina Faso located in the Sudan belt of West Africa, is one of the six poorest and least developed countries in the world.

His work is part of an aid project and includes the conceptual planning of architecture and interior design. I made these graphics to explain the great difference between Burkina Faso and Europe.

Ecosystems of the World

An infographic based around the Ecosystems of the world. Created to be used as a learning aid for children, tried to present an overview of the ecosystems. On creating this infographic ripetungi.com discovered that Ecosystems are so complex with many different factors influencing them that it was difficult to present this in one infographic. This was the challenge in creating this graphic, which information to use to give an insight into the ecosystem while making it accessible for the audience.

ripetungi.com wanted to show an visually interesting graphic, mixing and breaking away from the vector imagery favoured in infographics at the moment. Using a pie chart as the base and mixing it with maps and photos of the different animals from that ecosystem, tried to create depth with the images and pull outs of info with the colours and shapes. With the amount of text on the graphic is was a major challenge. Hopefully it works, let me know your thoughts. Your thoughts are always welcome.