Why You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water?

Bottled water is healthy water -- or so marketers would have us believe. Just look at the bottled water labels or ads: deep, pristine pools of spring water; majestic alpine peaks ... In reality, bottled water is just water; however, that fact isn't stopping people from buying a lot of it.

Here are some solid reasons to kick the bottled water habit.

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The Raw Energy Used in Sports

Did you ever wonder how much energy or how much power athletes expend when performing? Certain sports require a small amount of energy to be very precisely directed, while other sports require a large amount of energy to be exerted in a very short amount of time. The following infographic takes a visual look at how much energy atheletes in some of the most popular sports are expending.

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Grab Your Gonads

Testicle exam chart to encourage men to grope their balls during Testicular Cancer Awareness Week. iheartguts.com kind of figure most men touch their testicles at least once a day the need to adjust, don’t ya know — but that may not necessarily mean they are actively looking for telltale lumps. So, we’d like to take a very unscientific survey — men: how often do you touch your balls daily? The results will be included in our final poster as one of a handful of Nutty Nuggets — fun facts about testicles!

A Look at the Most Popular Dog Breeds and Health & Information for Each Breed

Looking for stats on dog breeds of the most popular dogs? Wonder if different dog breeds have more health issues? Well this dog breed report card breaks down everything you need to know about the 15 most popular dog breeds in the US! Simply click the above image and our Dog Report Card will open, showing the history of each dog breed and what owners should know about each.