Keeping the Blue Skies Green

UPS is on track to achieve some pretty ambitious sustainability goals. How are they doing it? Amongst other things, they've taken to the skies.

With a few seemingly simple changes (think better calculated take-offs and landings) and an always-evolving fleet, the company has been able to reduce aviation gallons burned per 100 available ton miles (2011 goals represent a 32% improvement from 1990). Simultaneously, UPS significantly cut CO2 emissions per available ton mile (UPS has achieved a 9% reduction since 2005).


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Green companies: Consumer perception vs Environmental realities

The graphic is based on the companies' Earthsense and Trucost scores. Earthsense asked 30,000 US consumers to rate companies' and products' greenness on a scale of 1 to 10 in a 2008 survey. A company's Trucost score is the estimated cost of its environmental impact under a "polluter pays" system, as a percentage of its annual revenue.

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