Green companies: Consumer perception vs Environmental realities

The graphic is based on the companies' Earthsense and Trucost scores. Earthsense asked 30,000 US consumers to rate companies' and products' greenness on a scale of 1 to 10 in a 2008 survey. A company's Trucost score is the estimated cost of its environmental impact under a "polluter pays" system, as a percentage of its annual revenue.

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How Do Credit Card Companies Make Money?

If you have a good credit score, part of that means you’re always paying your credit card bills on time. For people that do pay their bills on time, it can be difficult to imagine how credit card companies ever make money and how much money they could possibly be making. Here’s a look at how credit works and how these companies make their dough.


How Are America’s Top Companies Taxed?

Today, American households fork over anywhere from 10% to 35% of their annual income to Uncle Sam — not to mention the state and local governments’ cut on top. After all, nothing is certain, but death and taxes, right? Well, not quite, it turns out, if you’re a large corporation. Many of America’s 25 largest companies pay less – much less – in taxes than the average American. How so?