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This Facebook app saves your social activity on Facebook, analyzed and commemorated in one book to look at whenever you want.

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The Social Buying Universe

Social buying or group buying websites have become increasingly more popular over the past few years, and with the business being reportedly worth more than $1 billion, a flurry of new investors has bumped their net traffic 75 times higher than last year. Here is a look at some of the most popular social buying sites, including: Woot!, LivingSocial, Gilt, 8Coupons, Groupon, Yipit, Qponus, Dealon, Pricebunch, MyDailyDeals, Jasmere, Buywithme, TIppr, KGB Deals, homerun, socialbuy, scoopst, dailydeal, dealster.

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Colours of the Social World

More than 1 Million people used our Themeleon tool to design their Twitter Profile in the past 3 months, which allows us to paint a picture of the world connecting colors to locations and profile data. What colourlovers.com noticed first was that a huge majority of people don't wander that far off from Twitter's default light blue colors... and then theye went digging deeper.

They took the colors from 100,000 profiles designed with Themeleon and geolocated them to the designers location. Although it is a little dark in this compressed video... Each location has a spectrum strip of colors... the more colors from a certain area, the taller the strip. (The US is well defined, Europe and East Asia... although you can see some outlines of other countries too.)

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Social Media Demographics: Who's Using Which Sites?

Numerous social media sites have witnessed explosive growth of their user bases in the last several years, but it’s a known fact that the type of user a site attracts varies greatly. Have you ever wondered which sites attract the most educated of social media users, or those that pull in the highest income? Below we map the demographics of the world’s most popular social media sites.