Love and Hate on Twitter

This visualization made of collecting tweets containing the words 'love' and 'hate' for a couple of years. It is a fun project  done by Jeff Clark from Canada, that he finished just in time for Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day


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Twitter Statistics for 2010, Compared with 2009

Sysomos is the leading provider of social media monitoring and analytics technology release of a new report taking a look at how people are using Twitter, and it compares with a year ago. they examined 1.02 billion tweets made by 20.3 million Twitter users. Some of the highlights of the report include:

  • 44% of the total Twitter population joined between January 2009 and Aug 2010.
  • 82% of Twitter users now provide a name, compared with 33% in 2009.
  • 73% provide location information compared with 44% in 2009.
  • 63.3% now provide a bio, compared with 31% in 2009.
  • 45% of users submit a Web site address, compared with 22% in 2009.
  • 80.6% have made fewer than 500 tweets.
  • 22.5% have accounted for about 90% of all activity.
  • Users with more than 100 friends has increased by three-fold to 21% since 2009.
  • Justin Bieber is one of top two-word phrases and top name in user’s bios.
  • An in-depth report at Twitter´s Growth 2010, compared with 2009

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Mapping a Day in the Life of Twitter


Last week Chris McDowall informatics researcher from New Zealand hooked a computer up to the Twitter data firehose and, over the course of a day and a bit, grabbed every tweet that had geographic coordinates. I wrote a Python script to parse the 2GB of JSON files and used Matplotlib with the Basemap extension to animate 25 hours of data on a world map. The resulting animation plots over 530,000 tweets — and remember these are just tweets with geo-coordinates.

He recommend you full-screen this video, turn scaling off and high definition on.

via Chris McDowall

Twitter Earthquake Explosion

This infographic made by Juan Pablo Campusano graphic designer from Chile, Santiago. It shows us a month of the Twitter explosion in Chile right after the earthquake hit the country. He had the experience to live it, and the Twitter community made a strong impact by delivering information an movilizing people to help the ones who received no help.

Sadly, to this day there are still lots of people without a place to live.

You can find more of Juan Pablo Campusano creative work from behance.

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Information Graphic on Twitter

Twitter's overnight Internet fame stems from one simple question: "What are you doing?" You have 140 characters of text to answer, and as soon as you hit Update, the site's millions of users can see what you're up to. This small idea has blossomed into a hugely popular phenomenon, with its users covering the entire Earth, developers creating scores of helper apps for it, and a raft of imitation sites. It's growth has certainly been impressive since last year.

Information Graphic on Twitter is an infographic university project made by Melanie Stirner graphic designer from Germany, Trier. This exclusive infographic breaks down some of statistics on years/month, entire tweets, daily tweets, number of signs, crime rate, spam, security gaps, followers, following and languages.

via Melanie Stirner

Note: This infographic is in German Language.

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FUSE Labs SocialGadgets for Real-Time Twitter Data Dynamic Visualizations

Microsoft’s FUSE Labs latest project if focused on allowing users to get insight into Twitter real-time data, by providing a series of gadgets which are capable of enabling the dynamic visualization of information shared by the users of the social network in their tweets.

FUSE Labs SocialGadgets is now live and available for testing over at FUSE Labs, offering four gadgets (Tag Cloud, Timeline, Buzz, Comparison).


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