It’s a “Weapon of Mass Instruction”: This Guy Built a Tank Covered in Books

Raul Lemesoff has built a ‘Weapon of Mass Instruction.’ His mobile sculpture (‘Arma De Instruccion Masiva’ in Spanish) looks a lot like a military tank as it’s driving down the streets of Buenos Aires, but when it comes to a stop its army green sides are filled with books. Lemesoff is on a mission to distribute books throughout the city and the rest of Argentina, and the only thing he asks when you get a book is that you promise to read it.

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Facebook Social Memories App

This Facebook app saves your social activity on Facebook, analyzed and commemorated in one book to look at whenever you want.

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"Create your own interactive map - Get started now -"

Stephen Fry's Interactive Memoir for iPhone

British actor/Twitter hero Stephen Fry releases his memoirs today, titled "The Fry Chronicles". myFry is an innovative iPhone app for interactively exploring Stephen Fry's memoirs.

The entirety of the book is represented by a circular wheel of 'spines', each of which represents a section of text. The arcs around the outside of the wheel connect sections that are tagged with the same theme. By spinning the 112 self-contained sections around, viewing their opening words and following their tags, one can explore the book in a personalized, non-linear structure. Categories are distinguished by color: People, Subjects, Feelings and Fryisms.


The Conquest: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

In the desire to take something of fantasy and eluded it to be factual, Delane Meadows, a graphic designer from Florida, mapped out the travels of characters from the 7th installment of the Harry Potter books. She plotted out a time line that coincides with a map, along with key elements pointed out along the conquest.


If you like what you see, you can find more work of Delane Meadows on the