Latest Visualisation Contest: Win an iPad2

Topic: Visualize ethnic heritage, and socioeconomic background of black students attending different United Kingdom university system. There are no restrictions on the nature of the visualisation (video/static/interactive). For more details of the competition (click here).

Prize: Brand new iPad2 for the winner. And the top 3 will receive signed copies of ‘Information is Beautiful’ by David McCandless.
Deadline: 11pm GMT on Monday 20th June 2011.
Result: Winners will be announced by Monday 4th July 2011.

Competition rules: It is open to all countries except where local law prohibits (more rules here)
Dataset: Data collected by David McCandless, Guardian DataBlog post on Oxbridge Elitism and UCAS Annual Datasets (You are free to utilise any dataset, provided the sources are publicly available and appropriate citations are included in your entry.)

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The World in 2100 Videographic

The world’s population will reach 7 billion by the end of October, according to the latest projections from the United Nations. For the first time the UN has attempted to look as far ahead as 2100, using various assumptions about how fertility and mortality rates might change over the years. The average of these estimates suggests that the global population will cross 10 billion by 2085.


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How Leaky is your country?

An HTML5 Visualisation experiment with WikiLeaks v0.1. This is a little project to learn more about what can be done with processing.js, HTML5 and Ruby on Rails. It is best viewed in Google Chrome as the HTML5 Processing.js is quite heavy.


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