This toothpaste tube design is absolutely brilliant.

SavePaste has a three-point agenda: To eliminate the hard-to-squeeze dead space, minimizing toothpaste residue left inside the container; Reduce two packaging to one. It means we can reduce waste and manufacturing price plus encourage recycling. And finally, have a user-friendly design so that people easily adopt it.

Designers: Sang Min Yu and Wong Sang Lee

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BitTorrent visualization in processing.js

BitTorrent visualization in processing.js. Processing.js is an open programming language for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions for the web without using Flash or Java applets. This visualization How file sharing works in BitTorrent?. It was originally started off at and now improved/maintained by Jeff Atwood from

You can use the 's' and 'p' keys to add new seeds and peers to the swarm. Hitting 'r' will remove one of the seeds or peers at random, but it takes a few seconds before it activates. Works in pretty much any modern browser except IE (because IE doesn't have support for the <canvas> tag).

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Portfolio: Infographics by Diego Dzienciol

These infographics were made by Diego Dzienciol form Buenos Aires, Argentina for the university in 2007.

The objective was not just to shown as many information as possible in the same graph but also using a concept for the shape. Thats why they look so complex, but if you pay attention, you will see that every detail in the graphs will show you diferent kind of data.


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How Leaky is your country?

An HTML5 Visualisation experiment with WikiLeaks v0.1. This is a little project to learn more about what can be done with processing.js, HTML5 and Ruby on Rails. It is best viewed in Google Chrome as the HTML5 Processing.js is quite heavy.


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Ecomagination Challenge: Powering the Grid

GE’s Ecomagination Challenge: Powering the Grid is an open call to action for businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators and students seeking breakthrough ideas to create a cleaner, more efficient and economically viable grid, and accelerate the adoption of smart grid technologies and just might get funded.

The Challenge invites people to come together to take on one of the world’s toughest challenges - building the next-generation power grid to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Selected Ecomagination Challenge entrants will be offered the opportunity to develop a commercial relationship with GE through:
Investment ( $200 million capital pledge of GE and its partners will be invested globally into promising start-ups and ideas), Validation, Distribution, Development, Growth

Here is the visualization of ideas ranked by votes and comments. Check it out which idea going to get $200 million.

(Click here for an interactive graphics)

The New Marketing Trifecta

In April 2010, eROI conducted a study of more than 500 marketers. The focus of the survey was two-fold: to determine the impact of mobile marketing in email and web marketing programs; and, identifying the importance and impact of social networks in relation to their email and web marketing efforts. The end result, according to eROI, was a better understanding of how marketers were using email, mobile and social, but also new ideas for better planning for and intergration of the available opportunities. decided to illustrate the most interesting of these findings in the graphic: