How are Meetings a Wast of Time?

Meetings are often a waste of time in the Enterprise. Every employee has sat in countless meetings that drone on – meetings where you’re not really needed, meetings about mundane details of the business, even meetings to plan for future meetings. With an estimated 11 million formal meetings per day in the United States, corporate America has been held hostage by 3 billion meetings per year. This Infographic illustrates it nicely.


Ocean Pollution: Not Just For the Oil Companies

Humans have found a diverse number of ways to ruin one of the earth's most beautiful resources. Everything from biological waste to nuclear reactors are being dumped in the ocean.

This infographic will reveal a few types of ocean dumping. This is a topic that is on all of our minds and in the media – thanks BP – but oil is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mother Nature is not happy!