Dear Data: Two Women Track Personal Data on Postcards and Ship Them Across the Atlantic

Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec have only met twice in person, but they’re quickly getting to know each other through weekly postcards and a mutual obsession for tracking things. Their endearing year-long project “Dear Data” sees the pair sending postcards from New York to London and back – each with a week’s worth of personal data on the front and instructions for reading that data on the back.

Via - Visual News

Why Do Women Like Shopping?

Women shop for many reasons. Whether they are finding the perfect gift or buying groceries for the family, women tend to spend a lot of time in the stores. It would be a good bet that those women are shopping for others. If you think about all of the things women do for their friends and family, you may just realize why they are so good at shopping. So don't listen to complaints from men about women shopping; what do men know anyway?!