What Does a Census Really Mean, and Why is It Important?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics put together an interactive movie called Spotlight, which helps its citizens understand the data a little better.

Spotlight takes some of the data from the last Census - conducted in 2006 - and turns it into a simple interactive movie, to show just a few of the interesting things that the Census can tell us about Australia's people and population.

Once you've explored Spotlight, you can create an infographic of your own (above is mine) - a personalised snapshot of your own (only for Australians) numbers that you can share with friends.

via spotlight.abs.gov.au
(Click above link to see interactive movie)

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How Social Media Was Used During the Queensland Floods?

Sysomos.com, social media monitoring and analytics company decided to take a closer look into how social media was used during the Queensland, Australia floods?.

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Election count as you've never seen it before

After five weeks of campaigning and 14 million votes, there is no clear winner from the federal election. Neither Labor nor the Coalition has won enough to seats to win power its own right. We have a hung Parliament for the first time in 70 years. Take a closer look at the state of play at the Australian election count. News.com.au election data visualisation showed you the Australian Electoral Commission's count live. Instead of presenting the count as a map, they've made each electorate into a little ball, which pulses and swings and fights for position against 149 others.

via www.news.com.au
(Click here to see an interactive graphic)