Packet Flight: User vs Youtube

This is a visualization of the network packets of a YouTube video, slowed down 12 times. You can clearly see the handshake, some odd client/server negotiation, and the full ramp-up.

Created using Packet Flight:

Each flying circle represents a network packet. The small green ones are control packets: ACK, SYN, etc. The larger blue ones are data packets.

The data is from a real tcpdump of the first 4 seconds of Rick Astley's music video.

Top 15 Most popular Twitter clients in the world

With the plethora of options to Tweet, its cut-throat competition in the Twitter clients section. Obviously not all the eye candies we see are popular. The best ones are those that has great functionalities integrated within them – irrespective of whether they are eye candies or not.

This is a snapshot view of the most popular Twitter clients used by “Twitterers” worldwide.