What Drugs Are Teens Using The Most?

About 1.2 million people age 12 to 17 smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol or used marijuana on any given day in 2006, according to The Office of Applied Studies (OAS) in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. In addition 49,000 adolescents used inhalants, 27,000 used hallucinogens (e.g., Ecstasy and other club drugs), 13,000 used cocaine, and 3,800 used heroin. Many parents and teachers are concerned about teen drug use and are trying to educate parents and teens about the harm that using drugs can do to still-growing bodies. One place to start is by understanding which drugs teens use the most.

The RIP: Brand vs Generic Drugs

You’ve got a migraine. You go to the pharmacy and, throbbing headache aside, are feeling quite pleased with your choice of Advil or Tylenol. After all, there’s a reason they’re trusted brands and, you expect, you’re getting higher-quality ingredients, product safety and, best of all, a much more efficient cure for just a small premium in price.

Drugged Culture

The pharmaceutical industry spends a lot of money marketing their newest psychiatric drugs to Americans. And we take a lot of them. In fact, in 2009 alone, U.S. doctors wrote more psychiatric prescriptions than there are people in this country. This is a look at 2009's 10 most prescribed pyschiatric drugs, in both their brand-name and generic forms