The New Zealand Brand

This infographic designed by Gareth Parry from Auckland, New Zealand. He plan to make 52 infographics in 52 weeks. This (18th week) week's challenge is "Make an infographic about New Zealand".

This infographic answers: What's at the heart of New Zealand? What have people said about New Zealand, and how does that affect our brand? What is positive and negative, about New Zealand?

via Gareth Parry

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The RIP: Brand vs Generic Drugs

You’ve got a migraine. You go to the pharmacy and, throbbing headache aside, are feeling quite pleased with your choice of Advil or Tylenol. After all, there’s a reason they’re trusted brands and, you expect, you’re getting higher-quality ingredients, product safety and, best of all, a much more efficient cure for just a small premium in price.