Who's Buying Stuff Online and Where?

Not all retailers have the same customer base. Of course, that makes sense. But, have you ever wondered how customer bases varied between sites? Obviously Saks Fifth Avenue is going to attract a different clientele than, say, Walmart, but what about the rest? The graphic below illustrates the differences in customer demographics across North America’s largest online retailers. It takes into consideration factors such as: gender, age, education level, income level, and ethnicity. Some of the findings may be surprising:

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What Are The World’s Largest Retailers?

From mega store to grocery and convenience, the retailers that can claim to be the world’s largest span numbers categories and eve more countries. You might be surprised to see who hails from where and how they stack up against the competition. And, while one retailer continues its hold on the lucrative spot at the top, the stores that round out our list all play an undeniable role in the global economy.