Trekkie Alert: Illustrator Draws Every Woman Captain Kirk Kissed

It was 49 years ago that Star Trek first aired (September 8, 1966), inspiring generations of Trekkies to live long and prosper. While Star Trek is a global franchise, with blockbuster movies and merchandising, it all started with the classic ’60s show. Great stories, killer characters, and a little camp made the series iconic. But there is one element that Trekkie and children’s book illustrator Kelley McMorris realized was particularly enamored with: The ladies.

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Love Maps? These Minimalist T-Shirts Are Your Chance To Wear One

It’s no secret that we love maps, so give us the ability to wear one and we’ll take it. Alex Szabo-Haslam is currently running a Kickstarter campaign featuring a massive collection of maps printed in T-shirts. Each of his minimalist designs uses data from OpenStreetMap to reduce a famous city to just its roads and rivers. These iconic places are so unmistakable not even the city’s name is printed on the map.

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Care to Try a Pantone Smoothie?

Hedvig Kushner is in the midst of a “delicious color experiment.” The Swedish art director and frequent ‘maker of smoothies’ noticed one day that mixing up a tasty drink was a lot like mixing paint. Just add a kiwi for some light green or a handful of raspberries for a pink hue. Could exact colors be created from carefully proportioned fruit, nuts and veggies?

She wondered, “is it possible to create tasty smoothies in any Pantone color?”

That’s the question Kushner is now exploring on her charming site Pantone Smoothies. For each drink she grabs a piece of colored paper from the art store, then matches a Pantone swatch to it. Then she goes to work finding the perfect combination of ingredients to create that color and a delicious drink. After hitting just the right hue, her partner Michael Kushner photographs a spread of the ingredients and the final drink in a glass (which perfectly matches the background paper). Probably the best part: she also created a Pantone swatch smoothie glass.

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This Stress Ball Gives You Directions

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting lost in a city you’re not familiar with, but there’s nothing more embarrassing than wandering around with a tourist map. Even in today’s tech age, your apps can turn against you, like the time my phone’s GPS started embarrassingly screaming directions while I was walking through a hip NY neighborhood.

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Watch an Award-Winning Student Animation of Robots Mining on a Desolate Planet

Jack Anderson spent about a year just rendering his tale of a chance encounter between two robots mining on a desolate planet. It was worth the wait.

He told Reddit about the Student Academy Award nominated sci-fi short, noting that it was produced with a $0 budget, but thousands of hours of work while an undergraduate at Chapman University. In fact, each of the highly detailed frames took something like 30 minutes to render (or 12 hours a second and a month for a minute). That’s what happens when you only have a few school computers to use…

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6 Completely Unique and Inspiring Timelapse Videos

Timelapse is a great photographic technique. Yes, it’s often overused by nature documentaries and newbie photogs, but there is a reason it’s so popular. Good timelapse shows us what our own eyes can’t usually process. At a micro or macro level, time is visualized in such a fascinating way that simply watching it makes you feel like you’re having a unique physical experience. 

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