This toothpaste tube design is absolutely brilliant.

SavePaste has a three-point agenda: To eliminate the hard-to-squeeze dead space, minimizing toothpaste residue left inside the container; Reduce two packaging to one. It means we can reduce waste and manufacturing price plus encourage recycling. And finally, have a user-friendly design so that people easily adopt it.

Designers: Sang Min Yu and Wong Sang Lee

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When Charts Attack: "It Can Happen"

Creative advertisement for one of the largest independent global investment managers, Invesco Ltd.

Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
Global Creative Director: Mark Tutssel
Executive Creative Director: Susan Credle
Creative Director: Sarah Block & Eric Routenberg
Art Director: Sarah Block
Copywriter: Eric Routenberg
Executive Producer: Ron Nelken
Producer: Sean Pinney
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Markus Walter
VFX/SPX: Method
Editorial: White House
Editor: Rick Lawley


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"Create your own interactive map - Get started now -"

Colours of the Social World

More than 1 Million people used our Themeleon tool to design their Twitter Profile in the past 3 months, which allows us to paint a picture of the world connecting colors to locations and profile data. What noticed first was that a huge majority of people don't wander that far off from Twitter's default light blue colors... and then theye went digging deeper.

They took the colors from 100,000 profiles designed with Themeleon and geolocated them to the designers location. Although it is a little dark in this compressed video... Each location has a spectrum strip of colors... the more colors from a certain area, the taller the strip. (The US is well defined, Europe and East Asia... although you can see some outlines of other countries too.)


Scaling Fallacy

The scaling fallacy is a tendency to assume that a system that works at one scale also works at a larger or smaller scale. Different scales bring with them a new set of challenges that require a new solution.

We often neglect to realize that when on object is scaled, the working stressors on the object do not change at same scale. Like this ant, object at small scales are pushed down upon by a minimal amount of gravity. At larger scale, the load of gravity is at full force. So it is a lot easier for a normal ant to carry 50 times its weight than it is for you and me.

by Christopher Jones