Who Are America's Illegal Immigrants?

Illegal immigration is much more complicated issue than the usual dichotomy of "Illegal immigrants are destroying our country" versus "Illegal immigrants play a vital role in our economy." Before we even embark on the discussion, we need to know who we're talking about. How many illegal immigrants are there, where are they from, and how do they fit in to the economy?

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Could Legalizing Marijuana Solve California's Deficit?

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With a bill to legalize marijuana on the November California ballot, the controversy over the prohibition has reached a new high. Supporters see the potential tax revenues as a solution to the state’s mounting budget crisis, while those against argue that the increased use of marijuana will bring with it additional health care costs that far outweigh any economic benefits. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate day than today, 4/20 to take a look at the economic implications of a repeal of the prohibition. Is this a viable plan to get the state out of the weeds or just some kind of reefer madness?